"CSI helped me to actualize
my new ideas, create new
products, and increase
dollars to my company
and my community."

-Seafood Processor


Experience the Product Development Processwith our expert team. CSI accommodates all your product development needs from new concepts and formulation to production.

   CSI help businesses develop new seafood products and markets through:

  • Culinology - the blending of culinary arts and the science of food.
    CSI puts on culinology events that result in new opportunities! These one-day events explore new seafood product development opportunities. These events bring together harvesters, processors, marketers and buyers to join with a chef and food technician. The group works together throughout the day to build new products in the kitchen and explore packaging and marketing options. By the end of the event several products are developed and ranked for taste, texture, packaging, processing, and marketability.

    CSI sponsor annual culinology events. Please contact us if you are interested in building an event for a specific fisheries or species.

  • Project Management, Business Management, and Market Strategies
    CSI understands that many seafood businesses have great products and development ideas, but often times lack the man power to carry out a project from start to finish. CSI provides project management services that best serve your product development needs.

    CSI also knows that your project's success is dependent on good business and marketing strategies. We work with a team of business and marketing experts that can help your business achieve its market and financial goals.

  • Recipe Development and Food Technology
    Established recipes and formulations are often modified and re-formulated for a variety of reasons including cost considerations, adjustments to shelf life, changing consumer tastes and the application of alternative processing techniques. CSI's approach to this area is to utilize both the culinary art of chefs and scientific approach of food technicians. This blend of expertise results in a great tasting seafood product that is staged for production.

    Our team also provides shelf life and stability testing. CSI will look at issues relating to individual ingredients and processed products. Physical, chemical and microscopic techniques are used to measure shelf-life and predict the stability of products under normal and accelerated test conditions using controlled temperature and humidity facilities.

    Stability issues investigated on behalf of clients have included color problems, textural changes and product breakdown which lead to premature failure of products.

  • Packaging and Marketing
    The right packaging and marketing strategies are vital to the success of your new product. CSI combines professional external food product market and packaging experts

  • Financial Investments
    CSI has a product innovation fund that is specially designed for investments in new products.

   Learn about our 5-step product development process and how to get started!

          Download our Powerpoint presentation and planning guide here.

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