"Traceability is an issue
that increasingly will have
far reaching implications to
the US seafood industry. Our
ability to export seafood
products will be affected
by legislation enacted overseas.
This makes it imperative
to stay abreast of future
developments considering
that new labeling
requirements are already
in affect in Europe."

-Seafood Researcher


CSI links the newest research on improving quality and merchantability of Pacific Northwest seafood through:

   New Technology Utilization

High Pressure Processing

One example is high pressure processing in shellfish processing applications. This research has been in the works since 1997 and has helped expand the market place for safe, ready-to-eat oysters on the half-shell. 

Other technologies including flexible packaging, e-beam pasteurization, and recovery of nutritious compounds such as omega-3 fish oils shows great promise in the areas of seafood marketing, and product development.


   Development and Diversification

Product diversification research
CSI assists small and mid-size businesses in undertaking product development, shelf-life extension and market research to help them enter the competitive marketplace.  New value-added products and expanded markets are the key to a healthy seafood industry. Short-term and long-term research sponsored by CSI focuses on doing this on fisheries of the Pacific Northwest.

   Traceability and Product Safety

Shelf Life photo
Traceability is the ability to trace and follow seafood through all stages of production and distribution. Traceability is an issue that has far reaching implications to the seafood industry for both domestic and foreign markets. Fortunately, with rapid advances in Information Technology (IT), traceability is within reach not only for large firms, but also for small family operations.
CSI has an on-going program to demonstrate traceability and assist the seafood industry in implementing this technology.  For more info see:
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