"Any seafood company can walk
in and say I have an idea,
but how do I get down the product
development pathway. CSI helps
formulate that idea into something
concrete that you can analyze."

-Seafood Processor


CSI helps seafood harvesters, processors, wholesalers, retailers, and chefs enhance the value of their products through product development, new management approaches, harvesting practices, and more. Some of this work has been captured in local media.

   Listed below are highlights of some of CSI's activities:

  • CSI provides product development assistance to fishermen and seafood processors.
    CSI has assisted 13 businesses develop new products by providing recipe development, processing refinements, shelf-life testing, designing packaging and messaging, product positioning and market launch. Results to date include new package design and flavors for a canned tuna product, new frozen seafood line for the high-end grocery retail market, a new oyster product line for the growing domestic Hispanic market, tuna in a flexible retort pouch, and extended shelf life on a salmon jerky product.
  • CSI holds workshops that address the current interests and needs of the local seafood industry. Two examples for 2005 include. 
    • Annual Sardine Workshop, Spring 2005 - Over 40 fishermen and processors gathered for another year to discuss management plans for the sardine fishery. Presentation highlights included "Key Issues in Developing Bioeconomic Management Approaches for the West Coast Sardine Fishery, From Anchovies to Sardines and Back," "Multidecadal Change in the Pacific Ocean," and ITQs and how they work.
    • Summer 2005 Governor's Luncheon - CSI hosted a luncheon for Oregon Governor Kulongoski to hear from Northern Oregon Coast seafood businesses about the positive impact the fishing and seafood industry has on coastal economies.    
  • CSI holds demonstrations and cooking classes that educate people on west coast fisheries and its quality seafood.  Since 2002, CSI has held over 80 events. Two examples are: 
    • Albacore and Dungeness Crab Demonstrations - In 10 special demonstrations and tastings, over 400 passengers of cruise ships passing through Astoria this year (2005) explored the delights and skills of these two important seafood products. These events also presented opportunities to sell shelf-stable seafood products produced by coastal, family-owned businesses.
    • Spring 2005 Chef Training and Field Trip - Twenty future chefs learned the positive attributes of using West Coast superior quality seafood from Eric Jenkins, Head Chef of the Seafood Consumer Center.
  • CSI strengthens businesses through technical assistance and financing.
    CSI has provided one-on-one business management and market planning assistance to over 50 fishermen and seafood businesses.  CSI has delivered over $1,750,000 in capital (loans and investments) to help seafood companies buy equipment, a new facility, secure supply, reach new markets and develop new seafood products.
  • CSI conducts applied research that results in electronic and published resources. Examples of this include:
    1. Chilling and freezing guidelines for onboard quality and safety of Albacore tuna
    2. Mercury content in West Coast Troll-caught Albacore Tuna
    3. Traceability and its potential for domestic markets; and 
    4. Food value of Pacific Sardines; and 
    5. A review of mercury in seafood: special focus on tuna
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