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Heads Up! wants to help you stay informed and connected to the latest news that affects you, your business, and your family. We think the following sites will interest you. To search this page, use the "find" function of your browser (usually "control F"). If you need Adobe Acrobat (for reading PDF files), you can download it for free here.

» Weather and navigation
» Regulation and management resources
» Safety and safety training
» Fishing family and business resources
» Science, statistics, stock assessments and reports
» Special interest organizations
» Seafood, marketing and processing
» Publications related to commercial fishing
» General fishing-related sites and discussion groups
» Away from the West Coast

Weather and navigation Regulation and management resources Safety and safety training Fishing family and business resources
  • Marine Careers: A Sea of Choices: This flier briefly describes training for a marine careers, areas of interest, internships and work experiences, and useful Web sites.
  • Newport Fishermen's Wives: Newport Fishermen's Wives is a non-profit corporation of fishermen's wives, mothers, daughters, and friends, supporting a strong sense of community helping to further the causes of industry, safety, seafood education and family support.
  • Ocean Explorer: NOAA Ocean Explorer is an educational Internet offering for all who wish to learn about, discover, and virtually explore the ocean realm.
  • Why Biodiesel?: Gives biodiesel's marine uses and role in boating. With no equipment modifications needed, it's safe, easier on engines, and helps in reducing emissions and avoiding oil fines.
  • Battery Storage Tips: PowerStream has listed tips for storing different types of batteries. The information here was taken directly from the manufacturers' public information.
  • Sea Fishing Rigs: A website that manufactures and distributes sea fishing rigs.
  • ShoreBank Enterprise Pacific: This nonprofit community development finance institution provides financial, business and community development assistance to those dedicated to improving the economic and ecological health of Oregon and Washington coastal communities.
  • Oregon Health Action Campaign: The Oregon Health Action Campaign is committed to empowering the consumer voice in development of quality, responsive health systems that allow people to acceess the health care they need, when they need it from the providers of their choice...
  • "Family, business and community: The lives of fishermen's wives.": A 20-minute video produced by Oregon Sea Grant and the Department of Anthropology at Oregon State University. Includes a short Quicktime version of the video. The site includes other videos relating to commercial fisheries.
  • "Out of Gloucester": Note: The "Out of Gloucester" site is temporarily unavailable. A website memorializing Goucester, Mass. fishing families and history.
  • Alaska Commercial Fishing Revolving Loan Program: Information on loans to Alaska fishermen for permits, vessels, and gear.
  • Alaska Fishery Jobs: A nice resource of information at JobMonkey.com related to working in Alaska with the fishing industry.
  • E-tradingpost.com: Contact info for E-trading Post (small business resources for Oregon and Washington).
  • Fishing the West Coast: A Pictoral Journey: Great fishing images
  • Free Internet Access: A website devoted to free internet access for all. Compares various free internet access programs, etc.
  • Publications for Fishing Families: Oregon Sea Grant's Fishing Families Project and the Adapting to Change research and outreach project, 1995-1998, resulted in a number of short, free publications designed to help fishing families cope with the cyclic nature of their business and its effect on family life, finances and other matters.
  • Marine Trade Training and Education: An Alaska Sea Grant site listing trade schools, colleges, and other programs that offer training for members of the commercial fishing industry.
  • Oregon Workforce Investment Act (formerly the Job Training Partnership Act).: The Oregon WIA serves dislocated workers in the salmon fishing and timber industries, among others. Information on training and other services.
  • The Internal Revenue Service: A surprisingly helpful website for tax preparation. Enter "fishermen" into the search engine and see what you get.
  • US Small Business Administration: A variety of useful information for small businesses.
Science, statistics, stock assessments and reports Special interest organizations Seafood, marketing and processing
  • Codex GSFA Online: A searchable web-based version of the Codex General Standard for Food Additives (GSFA).
  • The Marine Stewardship Council (MSC): An independent, global, non-profit organization whose role is to recognize, via a certification program, well-managed fisheries and to harness consumer preference for seafood products bearing the MSC label of approval. Find out which fisheries are MSC certified.
  • Wild Catch Magazine: Connecting, covering and educating the Wild Catch seafood supply chain of people, services, products and suppliers.
  • Symphony of Seafood: A contest to reward and publicize innovative uses of Alaska salmon, whitefish and shellfish and to increase the number of people eating Alaskan seafood.
  • Common Mistakes in HACCP: Author: Liz Brown. Price: Single copies free. Processors trained in HACCP will find these 6 supplements useful. One-page handouts tell how to avoid mistakes that are commonly made in the processing plant.
  • SafeOysters.org: A web site for health educators on Vibrio vulnificus and the safety of raw oyster consumption, created jointly by Georgia Sea Grant and California Sea Grant.
  • The Farmer-Chef Fisherman-Chef Connection: A directory for chefs and retailers to source local products, and for fishermen and farmers to sell products directly to restaurants and retailers. The Guide currently lists buyers and sellers located in the Pacific Northwest.
  • Alaska Seafood Exchange: An Internet-based business that places buyers and sellers of Alaska Seafood in touch with one another. Any legal product forms of Alaska Seafood are welcome.
  • Seafood Consumer Center: Resource for seafood educational materials, including cooking classes, nutrition, general information.
  • Fishroute: the French fish"road": We publish free of cost the importers / exporters of seafood.
  • Alaska Salmon Price Report May - Aug 2003: Alaska Salmon price report
  • Oregon State University (OSU) Seafood Laboratory: Located in Astoria, OR the Seafood Lab operates a Product and Food Engineering Laboratory, Biochemistry Laboratory, Microbiology Laboratory, Pilot Plant, as well as offices for OSU faculty, staff, and graduate students.
  • Duncan Law Seafood Consumer Center: Located in Astoria, Oregon, this non-profit regional facility provides links between the seafood industry and the consumer, and promotes consumption of seafood through education, training, research and dissemination of information.
  • California Salmon Council: The California Salmon Council represents the marketing interests of California's commercial salmon fishermen.
  • Alaska Seafood: The official site. Recipes, information, etc.
  • Fish Information and Services (FIS): A multi-lingual international web site hosting a database of more than 47,000 companies, as well as information about important industry-related matters, such as fish prices, market reports, news and information, a search engine, and other useful stuff.
  • Marine Stewardship Council: A nongovernmental organization working towards "green" certification of seafoods.
  • Monterey Bay Aquarium's Seafood Watch Guide: West Coast seafood consumer guide identifying the most popular seafood items found in restaurants and markets throughout the region, giving each a "Best Choice" rating, a "Proceed With Caution" alert or a spot on the "Avoid" list.
  • National Fisheries Institute: A fish and seafood trade association.
  • National Fishery Market News:
  • National Seafood HACCP Alliance for Training and Education: Includes the entire HACCP seafood course manual.
  • Seafood Network Information Center: From the University of California at Davis.
  • Seafood Processors, Wholesalers and Dealers: Information on markets and buyers from UC Davis.
  • Seafoodbusiness.com: An online magazine for the seafood industry. Includes information on upcoming tradeshows; publishes the Seafood Handbook.
  • The Northwest Food Sanitation Workshop: Brought to you annually by the University of Washington. Addresses basic sanitation as well as cutting edge issues related to food sanitation and food safety.
  • Vessel Retail Guide for Northern California Fishermen: Information on selling directly to the consumer, from UC Davis.
  • Worldcatch.com: Formerly Fishmonger.com. A website devoted to adding value to the seafood industry. Includes market reports, disussion forums, e-commerce, and more.
Publications related to commercial fishing
  • NOAA Stellar Sea Lion Publications: A list of NOAA-funded Stellar Sea Lion publication from the year 2000 to present.
  • Gillnetters: Describes the boats and gear used in gillnetting.
  • Long-Liners: Describes the boats and gear used by long-liners.
  • Purse Seiners: Describes the boat and gear used in purse seining.
  • fishingnet.ca: fishingnet.ca is a web portal focused on providing information to all sectors of Canada's commercial fisheries and related industries.
  • Oregon Sea Grant: Provides easy access to information on topics ranging from the Pacific Northwest salmon crisis to seafood safety, marine recreation, and environmental education.
  • National Fisherman: An online version of the popular fishing industry magazine. Contains daily news, market updates and today's prices, information resources, classifieds, weather, and retail information.
General fishing-related sites and discussion groups
  • Newport Fishermen's Wives: Newport Fishermen's Wives is a non-profit corporation of fishermen's wives, mothers, daughters, and friends, supporting a strong sense of community helping to further the causes of industry, safety, seafood education and family support.
  • Alaska Report: An Alaska news, weather and information website based in Juneau, Alaska.
  • Fish Radio: Links to audio newscasts by Laine Welch. Her goal is to make all people aware of the economic and social importance of the seafood industry to Alaska and the nation - from harvesters and business professionals, to those who simply eat fish occasionally.
  • University of Alaska Marine Advisory Program: The place to go to find out about all the exciting things happening at the University of Alaska's Marine Advisory Program.
  • Fishfolk: A fisheries social science discussion group. Past discussions have focused on ITQs, sustainability, marine mammals, and the Magnuson Act.
  • Gadus & Associates List of Fisheries Web Sites: One of the most complete and well-organized sources of fisheries information on the Web. Lists over 2,300 Web sites related to marine commercial fisheries, fisheries science and fisheries management.
  • Linkup Alaska: A collection of links relating to Alaska, including many on commercial fishing and environmental topics.
  • Seafood.com: A new company incorporating Seafood Datasearch, Seafood Link and the web site Seafood.com to bring seafood buyers, sellers, and consumers together on the Internet. Includes daily industry news, a trading board that changes a lot, and a seafood discussion.
  • Small Boat Commercial Salmon Fishermens' Association: A network tool to inform the public and strenghten the bond between the fishing and non-fishing communities. Includes information on harbors, weather, fishing associations, news, links to fishermen's websites, and more.
Away from the West Coast
  • Sea-Ex.com: An Australian based web site for those in the commercial fishing, seafood, and marine related industries.
  • The (Irish) Marine Times Newspaper: News and information about the Irish fishing community. We share an interest in what is happening in coastal communities and we believe you have a few Irish among your own!

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