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Search Tips

Heads Up! has an extensive archive of past articles available for viewing since the site was launched in 1998. Since stories are archived continually, it is important to make use of the search capabilities. Your time is important to us; it is important to understand the best way to search for current and archived articles and publications.

On Heads Up!, there are two different ways to search:

1) The search box at the top of any page will search by key words. This search is for all articles or publications; current or archived. The search does not work with the use of quotes for key phrases. For key phrases, it is better to use the Advanced Search.

Here are some tips on using the simple search box:

Search term Will find pages that contain
Fish fish, fisheries, fishing, and any stemmed variation
salmon and fishing both the words salmon and fishing (in any stemmed variation

salmon or crab

the words salmon or crab (in any stemmed variation)
fishing not salmon fishing (in any stemmed variation) without the word salmon

2) The Advanced Search feature is a more refined search to find all documents in the following ways:

by key words or phrases
with or without certain words
during a specific date range
by certain type: an article, publication or hotlink

*Note: The Heads Up! search functions retrieve individual articles by key words. For a broad perspective of major content areas on this site, see the site map.

If you have questions or problems, we would like to hear from you. Please e-mail us. Also, we always welcome your feedback.

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